Terms, Conditions & FAQ's


Is our booking time really that important?


Our dinner service typically resides over a 3 hour period. Due to the constraints in the size of our kitchen & the nature of the food we prepare, we kindly ask if you could be on time for your reservation so as no one guest is left waiting to dine with us, as all our guests are served food collectively here at Heron & Grey. Food service will commence within 15 minutes of your stated booking time regardless of whether or not all guests are present.


Is my diet really that important? (e.g. Coeliac)

Yes. As we only serve a set menu only here at Heron & Grey, we are very concerned to anyone with dietary restrictions, e.g. vegetarian, or any allergies such as shellfish. We will not be able to cater for Lactose Intolerant or Vegan diets yet will always try our very best to accommodate any & all other requests.


Cancellation Policy // Number of Guests Reduced Last Minute

As we are a small business that operates on serving just 66 customers within each week, it is of paramount importance that we are made aware of any cancellations or alterations to the number of guests dining on any table. 

For all last minute alterations to table size, example: original booking of 4, then alters its table size at last minute to a table of 3, a charge will be incurred of €50 per absent guest.

These conditions will be applied to all bookings where less the 24 hours notice is given by the customer.


What happens should we forget to mention a dietary condition? e.g. pregnant

Heron & Grey provides a no choice, set menu option only which means each piece of food must be carefully prepared in advance for each specific guest. Should any allergy or dietary concern not be notified in advance, Heron & Grey are under no obligation to provide any alternatives or supplements.