The Wine Program

At Heron and Grey, our seasonally designed set menu has removed the burden of choosing your food, therefore the only decision left to make is your drink of choice.

Our wine program is characterised by the breadth and depth of its offerings. You can select wine by the bottle from our carefully crafted list or you can choose our wine pairing selection and be led by our personal recommendations.

Over time our wine list has evolved in line with the flavours that our kitchen produces. Our white wines lean towards classic expressions where texture, depth and richness are key whereas our reds tend to feature a biodynamic approach with the focus leaning towards their acidity, freshness and tannin.

Our wine program features some of the most well known producers, a selection of lesser known gems and some truly unique expressions that will surprise and delight. Each one of these bottles tells a story and is a true reflection of its terroir and its wine makers individual style. Wine, like food, is a truly special event and the complexity of one drives the other.  It has the ability to push food to a new place, elevating the elements that already exist on your plate.

When it comes to food, we consistently evolve our menu on a seasonal basis using only the most dynamic and freshly sourced ingredients. Likewise, our wine program is a constant learning experience where we continue to push boundaries, ourselves and one another. We consider Heron & Grey a co-operative dining experience and we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery.


Wine Pairing Standard €38 (6 x 80mls per glass) 

Wine Pairing Full €53 (9 x 80mls per glass)  

Non-Alcoholic Pairing €25 (6 x 80mls per glass)*


*Our non-alcoholic pairing constantly evolves to keep in line with seasonal changes. Typically it showcases a range of flavours & textures from sparkling frucht-secco's to house made kombucha.