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The Heron & Grey Project // Media Release Statement

Dear Friends,

In January of 2016 we opened restaurant Heron & Grey in the Blackrock market in Dublin. Our goal was to open a test kitchen where we would be free to push ourselves & our customers to challenge new ideas & flavours. Every two weeks for almost two & a half years an entirely new menu was created to test this concept where some 600 new flavour combinations were created, while honouring some of the classics along the way.

With only one seating invited to join us, just three nights of each week, we opened the floor to an open discussion on what we were trying to accomplish. We were fortunate enough to make some new friends and to enjoy the company of every guest who dined with us through the years.

We had set ourselves a goal of 3 years to test & perfect these new ideas, listen to our customer and collectively work together to make our finalised product something to be truly proud of. This is something that we feel we have firmly accomplished within the Heron & Grey project.

We have decided the next chapter in our lives will be one of our own personal paths. Almost 3 years to the date, on January 26th 2019, Heron & Grey will cease for a new concept to emerge.

Damien Grey will move on to push new boundaries with his new restaurant experience to be know simply as Liath Restaurant (Le-ah) Grey in the Irish Language, located within the same space in the Blackrock market. The restaurant will be closed throughout the month of February to implement this new concept & the team are so excited to bring you their new vision in 2019.

Andrew Heron has decided to take some time for family & to look to a new direction for his future.

Thank you to every single guest who joined us, we are so grateful for your custom. Thank you to our staff, Roisin, Jojo and Ailish who joined us in our personal quest to deliver a great night out for our customers.

Eric, Flo, Ritchie, Big Dan and Andrew D we will never forget your contribution to this project and what you did to help us along our journey. Thank you to our families for their support through this project, we are forever in your debt.

Thank you to the Michelin Guide for believing in us at such an early stage of our journey by awarding us a Michelin star in our first year. To all the critics and suppliers who supported us, we are extremely humbled by your amazing belief in us.

Until we see you all again …..

Andrew & Damien // Heron & Grey

Liath Restaurant will release seats on the 1st of February 2019, for the month of March 2019. All bookings are made month to month exclusively online here following the link below, on the 1st of each month preceding.

We serve a seasonal no choice set menu due to the limitations in the size of our restaurant & therefore we cannot cater for dietary choices yet certain allergy requirements can be accommodated e.g. coeliac.

We however cannot cater for a Vegan or Lactose Intolerant Diet.

At anytime please feel free to join our list below for any last minute cancellations. 


'Added to Waitlist'

To all guests who decide to join our cancellations list following the link above you will receive an email notification that states the you have been 'Added to the Waitlist' for your chosen date.

Please be aware this is NOT A BOOKING at our restaurant.

In the event that a customer should decide to cancel their booking with us, the system immediately notifies all guests on the corresponding wait-list for the particular date in question.

Please see Booking Terms & Conditions here in advance of making your bookingheronandgrey.com/tcs

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Gift Vouchers: We do not provide a gift voucher service at Heron & Grey.

Table Size: Due to the restrictions in the size of our restaurant we only cater for table size of 2, 4 or a maximum of 6 guests.


Dinner Service Only: Wednesday - Saturday.

So that we may meet our own standards in food & service, we divide our dining room into two. Half our guests are invited to join us at 7:30pm, while the remaining half to join us at 8:30pm. 

Our dinner service typically resides just over a three hour period.

Due to the constraints in the size of our kitchen & the nature of the food we prepare, we kindly ask if you could be on time for your reservation so as no one guest is left waiting to dine with us, as all our guests are served food collectively here at Heron & Grey. 

Please note a discretionary 12.5% gratuity will be added to your bill.